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Chess Valley Primary Learning Trust

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The Trust's Vision & Values

Our values are respect, trust, commitment and service; values that all schools can believe in and hold as central to the education they provide.


The vision for Chess Valley Primary Learning Trust is to:

  • Enable excellence to flourish within outstanding, autonomous academies
  • Provide strong and stable governance and leadership
  • Encourage innovation
  • Build capacity and resilience
  • Create an effective administrative and financial support structure
  • Deliver a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum across the family of schools within the Trust
  • Retain and develop the Christian distinctiveness and character of church schools within the Trust
  • Retain and develop the distinctive character of community schools within the Trust
  • Adopt a positive growth strategy of up to three schools joining in the first five years.


Underpinning principles

We have enshrined within the Trust the rights of all schools to maintain their current character and ethos and to ensure their history and local context will be fully respected and protected.  This includes the name of the school, provision of a Local Governing Body (LGB), their individual school admissions policies, their uniform, buildings, grounds, local voluntary funds and religious character (where relevant).


Rules of Engagement

All schools joining the Trust are asked to agree to:

  • Support the vision and values of the Trust
  • The established LGB having regard to and action the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association; the provisions of the Scheme of Delegation and the Trust structures
  • Accept that the Trust has an Executive Leader (also the Accounting Officer), with overall responsibility and accountability for leading the Trust on behalf of the Members and Trustees  
  • Work on the principle that all Headteachers/Heads of School within the Trust will work collaboratively, within agreed levels of delegated accountability and responsibility
  • Allow individual schools with different operational senior leadership structures
  • Accept collaborative responsibility to support the improvement and development of all schools in the Trust
  • Support the work of the School Leaders Strategy Group and the work of the School Business Strategy Group
  • Ensure complete transparency of all appropriate and necessary school data
  • Adhere to Trust confidentiality and communication policies   
  • Agree to a minimum financial commitment of 1% of GAG initially, rising to an appropriate level that reflects the benefits of centralised services
  • Use all corporate Trust visual identity (logo, font, format) where appropriate
  • Implement all policies/HR procedures/contracts as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation
  • Share responsibility to represent the Trust at all key local, county and National meetings   
  • Understand that where school performance/outcomes are of concern (either academically or financially), the LGB and Headteacher/Head of School will fully implement the action plans agreed by the Trust Board, with support from the Executive Headteacher where appropriate or necessary.

Articles of Association